When you need some dental work done, you want to make sure you’re seeing the right type of professional, right? Especially if it’s an emergency situation, like a root canal or treatment of a chipped or cracked tooth.

Both general dentists and those specializing in endodontics are dental care pros and help patients in many of the same ways. But there are some definite differences you should be aware of before seeking out one or the other.

If you’re wondering just what endodontic therapy is and how it’s different from general dentistry, this is the perfect guide for you.

Keep on reading to find out if you should see a general dentist or an endodontist…

When to See a General Dentist

General dentistry includes non-specialized dental care. Mostly regular cleanings, tooth and gum assessment, and the filling of cavities.

You should visit your general dentist at least once a year for regular checkups. But you might also have some dental warning signs such that indicate you need extra care. These include toothaches, bleeding after brushing or flossing, or significant dry mouth.

Your regular dentist might notice some issues during your visit that could cause him to send you to a specialist. You might have an injured tooth, severe tooth or gum pain, or a swelling of your face near the gum line. Any of these might cause an endodontic referral.

When to See an Endodontist

Endodontic professionals specialize in the nerves and soft inner tissue (or pulp) of the teeth. These dental pros have all the same training as a general dentist, as well as an additional two years of specialized training.

When a patient has a dental concern that is difficult to diagnose or treat by a general dentist, they’re sent to see an endodontics professional.

Common endodontic treatments include root canals or performing surgery on the teeth. An endodontic practice is also where you can find treatment for traumatic tooth injuries. Your general dentist will help you to decide when it’s time to see an endodontist if he feels you will benefit from specialized dental care.

If you’re in need of a root canal specialist, you should look into finding an experienced endodontics professional near you. Especially since endodontists are able to perform more than twenty root canal procedures in a week.

You’ll find many special dentist tools in the office of an endodontist. These include digital X-ray machines, surgical microscopes, and even ultrasonic instruments. It is some of this equipment that allows for a much quicker and less painful root canal than you would receive from a general dentist.

See a Dental Care Pro

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