Learning that you need oral surgery can feel overwhelming and even a little frightening. Rather than allowing your concerns to get the best of you, take control of the situation by properly preparing yourself for dental surgery.

Preparing for dental oral surgery will help ease your mind going into it. Moreover, it will ensure you a faster and smoother recovery.

Read on to learn what you can do to prepare yourself for your dental surgery in Kissimmee.

Get In the Know

Make sure you understand all the details about the surgery. Sometimes so many questions fill our minds that we blank when face-to-face with the oral surgeon.

To avoid this, write down all the questions you think of and bring them to your pre-op visit. Some questions you may want to ask include:

  • Is surgery necessary or are there alternatives we can try?
  • What exactly does this surgery entail?
  • Will I need local or general anesthesia?
  • How much pain should I expect afterward?
  • How long should I expect for recovery?

Never be afraid to ask your oral surgeon a question. And if you forget something at the visit, contact the office prior to the surgery to ease your mind.

Keep Your Oral Surgeon Fully Informed

You should never keep secrets from your doctor, but this is especially true as surgery approaches. In the case of any surgery, secrets can prove deadly.

Fully disclose:

  • medical history
  • current medical conditions
  • a full list of current medications
  • any herbs or supplements you take
  • any and all allergies
  • if you smoke, drink, or use illegal drugs

Leave it up to the oral surgeon to decide whether or not it holds significance. And do not let embarrassment stop you. Keeping them informed can literally keep you alive and well.

Check Your Insurance Plan

You do not want a surprising denial of coverage after the fact. Talk with your insurance company to make sure your plan covers your dental implant surgery, or whichever procedure you require. If they do not, talk with your provider to see if they offer any special out of pocket payment plans to patients.

Take Time Off of Work

Talk to your employer and give them ample time to take you off of the schedule. This will avoid frustration on both ends from waiting until the last minute.

Forget playing hero. Your boss probably prefers you staying home when you’re swollen and drooling.

Organize Transportation and Postoperative Help

Plan ahead of time for somebody to give you rides to and from surgery, to pick up your prescriptions following the dental oral surgery, and to help you around the house for a day or two.

Meal Prep

You may not feel like shopping or prepping meals after your procedure. You will want soft or liquid meals, like protein shakes, pudding, oatmeal, and soups. Avoid acidic and spicy foods, and do not use a straw to prevent dry socket.

Follow Post Op Instructions

Make sure that your oral surgeon either gives you the post-surgery care instructions prior to your surgery or knows to give them to your designated person so that you have them available. Follow every aspect of these instructions to ensure a proper recovery.

Dental Surgery Near Me

Properly preparing yourself will help you through the entire process from pre to post-op. If you think you may require dental surgery or need a second opinion, contact us for a trusted, reliable surgeon in Kissimmee.

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