You may need oral surgery if you suffer from certain conditions ranging from impacted teeth to TMJ. Regardless of the reason, hearing that you need to undergo any type of procedure may induce anxiety and fear.

Keep a calm head by preparing important questions to ask the surgeon prior to your Kissimmee dental surgery. This will help you fill in the blanks with facts instead of fear, and explore alternative options.

What to Ask before Your Kissimmee Dental Surgery

Prior to your procedure, your dental surgeon should schedule a time to explain the procedure and answer your questions. In case they miss details that you want to know, go into this prepared with a list of questions and a notepad to help you remember.

Your list should include the following questions:

1. What Does This Procedure Entail? 

When we don’t know what to expect, our minds tend to create scenarios in order to substantiate the upcoming experience. This often increases anxiety and fear. The answer to this question will help you to understand exactly what you should expect during your operation.

A detailed explanation should include:

  • the area of the mouth the oral surgeon needs to work on
  • the tools he/she may need to use
  • whether or not they will put you under anesthesia 
  • the amount of time your operation should take

You may find the procedure much less frightening than you imagined. If it still seems scary, then at least you’ll know exactly what to expect so you can prepare yourself.

2. Why Do I Really Need Oral Surgery?

Get to the root of your problem. Knowing why you need a procedure can help you accept it — or it will lead you to ask about possible alternatives.

Often doctors instinctively give you the option that seems best to them. But sometimes, other options that better suit your comfort level or lifestyle might exist.

3. What Medications Will You Use for My Dental Surgery?

Though you should always trust your doctor, asking about the medications they plan to give you can help both you and them. You should ask this question for several reasons.

First of all, they may not know about all of your medication allergies and sensitivities. Their answer might help you remember an allergy you forgot about and save you both the nightmare of a bad reaction during the procedure.

Second, the doctor can explain the effects of each medication and discuss possible prescription alternatives.

Third, if your dental surgeon only plans to give you a local anesthetic — and this makes your anxiety skyrocket, you can ask about them possibly giving you something that will calm your nerves a bit ahead of time.

4. What Does Recovery Look Like?

You should know how to plan for everything from the moment they finish your operation to the end of your recovery period. This question will help you find out: 

  • how long before you can go home
  • if you can drive yourself home or not
  • how much pain you can expect
  • what medications you will need for pain, inflammation, and recovery
  • when you can go back to work and return to a normal routine
  • what kind of diet you will tolerate
  • when to get concerned and call your dental surgeon

Knowing what to expect for your recovery will help you take the proper measures for healing as quickly and safely as possible.

5. Will Insurance Cover It?

You don’t want to get stuck with a surprise bill after surgery. If your insurance carrier will not cover your procedure, maybe you need a better insurance plan. Take care of this ahead of time if possible.

Feel Better Soon!

Keeping quiet can create complications. Getting all the answers you need before your Kissimmee dental surgery will put you on the best path to recovery. 

Contact us for all of your dental needs. Once we get your mouth feeling better, we guarantee you’ll say, “Kissimmee!”

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