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Veneers In Kissimmee, FL

Dental Veneers

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you feel embarrassed or concerned about your stained teeth? How about a chipped tooth? We often come across people who have stained or yellow teeth, crooked or cracked teeth, and such, that can be aesthetically unpleasing. These simple flaws make many people conscious when they smile. There is a simple solution Affinity Dental has to correct these blemishes, dental veneers in Kissimmee!

What are Veneers?

Veneers are the quickest way to a flawless smile. A veneer is a layer placed over a tooth to improve it aesthetically and to protect the tooth’s surface from further damage. They are thin covers that adhere to the teeth, making them look healthy and pleasing.

What do veneers treat?

Veneers look like natural teeth and are used to correct a wide range of dental issues such as:

  • A chipped or worn-out tooth or teeth
  • Misshapen or crooked teeth
  • Large gap(s) or uneven gap(s) between the upper front teeth
  • Stained teeth that cannot be whitened by bleaching

Do you need a veneer? If you have any of the conditions mentioned above, give us a call and make an appointment with us. We can help! At Affinity Dental Group, we provide the best in service using the highest-quality dental veneers Kissimmee has to offer. At our office, we use e.max™ veneers.

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We Use High Quality Veneers Called e.max™

Veneers are usually made from either of two main types of materials, composite or dental porcelain. IPS e.max™ Press veneers are fabricated from high strength lithium disilicate glass-ceramic and at Affinity Dental Group, they are custom made to fit the individual’s needs. In their rare form, e.max veneers come in different hues and value ranges and provide the ultimate ceramic foundation. They are combined with facial layering techniques to give a natural-looking result. e.max™ veneers are thin layered and are bonded to the surface of the teeth to enhance the appearance of the tooth and make it look aesthetically pleasing. e.max™ veneers not only improve the appearance of teeth but also improve their functionality.

e.max™ combines strength with aesthetics and is hence the material of choice at many leading dental clinics. It is mostly suitable for restorations in the anterior and posterior regions. e.max™ veneers produce excellent results due to the excellent light-optical properties and natural-looking tooth coloring. It helps dentists work in any situation without making any compromise.

Why Should I use e.max™ Veneers?

There are several reasons to use the IPS e.max™ veneers:

  • They deliver the fit, form, and function that is expected from pressable ceramics, and it does so with optimized optical properties and increased strength.
  • It requires minimal preparation techniques for restorations and technicians can cut back, thin down, and layer the material to achieve dimensions.
  • It gives natural-looking results as it is combined with facial layering techniques.
  • It can be used for both anterior and posterior regions as it demonstrates flexural strength.
  • It is available in medium and high opacity levels and in different hues.

e.max™ veneers are an ideal choice for veneers and are widely accepted by clinicians to improve oral aesthetics. Smile restorations with e.max™ veneers require treatment planning to ensure aesthetic and functional success.

At Affinity Dental Group, we offer skilled providers who can give you a new and pleasing look with e.max™ dental veneers in Kissimmee. There’s no longer any need to feel embarrassed or insecure about your smile. There is a simple and lasting treatment option available to you. Call us and schedule an appointment for a flawless smile!